We understand that what you want is a finished product which encompasses your business model, your brand message and - most of all, your passion! 


We offer a personal touch rather than an out-of the-box design experience and so have a number of talented professionals ready to work to create for you the perfectly personalised product that you dream of.



Rita Vargas- Doherty

founder and managing director

 I'm very lucky to manage a team of super-talented and dedicated  professionals in the fields of Graphic and Web Design,  Photography, Video and Copywriting. 

You can contact me here.


Sara Macedo

Sara Macedo

illustrator extraordinaire

The state of illustration today is in excellent hands with the likes of Sara Macedo. Whether you want whimsical, bold, colorful, subtle, comic-book style, character design, graphic design–or whatever–you can count on Sara to provide a fresh, original creation.

As you might expect, Sara drew constantly as a kid and continues to this day, as well. Her natural flair and passion result in work that is crafted to perfection. She'd have it no other way. 

Sara graduated in Graphic Design in 2010 in her home town of Porto, Portugal. Previously, in 2008, she attended the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, United Kingdom in an Erasmus exchange program. 

"Although I usually use a traditional pencil-on-paper technique," she says, "I just recently decided to explore the world of digital painting." Look out, world!



Gohar Ellahi   

web developer wizard

Youthful confidence is a powerful force–especially when there's expertise to back it up. That fits Gohar, our PHP Web Developer, to a "T."

Gohar tackles problems utterly convinced that he can solve them, and invariably our wunderkind does exactly that.

Yes, he's already earned a Master's in Computer Science to go along with his Bachelor's in Software Engineering. But Gohar maintains that "most of my skills and knowledge are self taught." 

Just what can he do for you? Gohar's expertise includes creating new websites and updating/upgrading existing ones, usiing:

• Content Management Systems (CMS): Expression Engine 2, Netcat, Wordpress

• E-Commerce website development (CS-Cart, Magento, Shopify and more)

• Online business applications

Gohar started coding while still a teenager (big surprise there). For the past four years he's been dating PHP, while having flirted with HTML and CSS since 2009. 

The technologies and languages he uses most frequently include HTML/ HTML5, CSS/ CSS3, JavaScript/ Jquery, PHP/ MySQL, WordPress/ Magento and BootStrap/ Skeleton Boilorplate.


Goncalo Braz

top-notch graphic designer 

If you're a client who places a premium on quality and won't settle for "good enough," you'll love the fact that Goncalo is an ardent, talented perfectionist. 

This Graphic Designer & Web Developer extraordinaire specializes in Multimedia Design and Technologies and possess a degree in that cutting-edge field.

Always impatient to improve, Goncalo goes online and takes the initiative to teach himself the latest innovations ("Can't wait for the world to catch up," he says), and he especially welcomes projects that can expand his knowledge.  

"I also have a background in informatics," he points out, "so I have no problem with entry- level programming."

In addition, Goncalo has strong knowledge of the web-user experience and website usability.

So what does this driven young man do to relax off-hours? "I play video games, of course," he answers, " but I also love bonsai, aikido, travel and just taking in some movies." 


Gratzy photo

Gratiela Dominescu (Gratzy)

graphic designer virtuoso

 Gratzy declares (quite soberly): "I am that rare cocktail of talent, passion, commitment and teamwork that will make me perfect for your needs."

And back that confidence up she certainly does. 

Gratzy can be counted upon to meet every deadline and to do it with creative panache and verve. 

As Gratzy puts it, "I did two years of intense training in order to enter the architecture university, Ion Mincu. My hard work enabled me to develop a keen spatial view, and improved my drawing and creativity." 

Truth be told, creatives like Gratzy sometimes live in a different world. "I often enjoy working in bed using my laptop then at times people find me asleep not at my desk but on it." Snoopy has nothing on Gratzy.



Paul Winstone 

ingenious photographer 

Paul has a knack for quickly establishing a nice, relaxed rapport with clients. This enables them to collaborate in exploring the best ways to capture a given subject, including potential locations, styling, themes and moods.

"I pay particular attention to locations and backgrounds," he says, "in order to achieve unique, striking compositions. Context is key."

In photographing people, not only does he highlight the physical beauty of the person but also their emotions and energy. The result: a complete, in-depth expression of each individual.

Paul is equally adept shooting in studio and on location as he travels with his own studio lights and backgrounds.

"I'm also an experienced photo retoucher," he says. "I get the most out of any image using a mix of Lightroom and Photoshop amongst other amazing tools. It's all designed to enhance your presentation to your market." 



Clem Hencher- Stevens 

zero cool photographer

Clem is an artistic, high-energy photographer (no wonder his credits include Red Bull) who has a BA Hons in Photography and 7+ years of experience. His work covers a broad range of photographic styles, including: Portrait, Advertising, Sports, Festivals and Events in general.

As passionate as he is approachable, Clem uses top-tier equipment and strives "to make sure that all my clients are 100% happy with everything I do."

In addition to Red Bull, a variety of other high-profile clients have chosen to employ Clem's skills and creativity on their behalf, including Nike, Dawes Bicycles, RideUK BMX Magazine and many others.

"If there's a way to shoot something more creatively, I'll find it," he says, and the proof is in, well, the proofs! 


Anna Bieluszko

Anna  Bieluszko 

masterly videographer

Digital, analogue, plastic, cardboard–anything that transmits an image is enough to start me going," says Anna, videographer based in London. Her intense creativity borders on ferocity.

With a degree in filmmaking and visual communication, she creates videos and promos, as well as short films for individuals and companies who need promotion for themselves or simply want to capture a beautiful memory for all time.”

Anna's range covers a dazzling spectrum of subject matter and styles: Corporate Events, Weddings, Fashion/Style and Live music. 

Pre-production is the most crucial step in creating an effective video but often the most overlooked. Anna knows that careful preparation puts everyone on the same page and enables them to share in the final product. 


Bill Shohl

Bill Schohl

cat's pajamas copywriter

Don't let the pretty face fool you–this lad can write! Bill has decades of experience working at major advertising agencies, both national and international. 

He's written print ads, commercials and collateral for a wide range of clients: from Disney Consumer Products to Mattel to aerospace giant Lockheed Martin to a mom-and-pop store owned by his own mom and pop. 

Today he concentrates on writing copy for websites ("About Us" pages in particular), as well as editing/revising existing material of all kinds. 

"Writing is writing," he writes, and who can argue with that?


Nicki Cawood

Nicki Cawood

ace writer and blogger

Writing on a freelance basis is a dream for Nicki as she is  able to enjoy the flexibility of working with a number of different clients, on various project types and across any number of topics. Above all she appreciates that when she  writes for a client that she is not merely offering words; that she is helping them to craft an idea, a brand and an image which is part of their enterprise and their passion.